Ours are weddings inspired by ancient times that last over time


For persons like you who want to live a unique experience


Traveling in time and living your favorite ancient era is now possible

I help you organize a wedding in which you, your partner and your guests feel and experience firsthand that you have traveled in time and are in that Ancient Era that you adore.

I will help you relive history by adapting ancient customs to our era, creating innovative and original ideas, rituals for a unique ceremony and details that will make that day an immersive and unforgettable experience.

My specialty is weddings inspired by Ancient Times and I offer an exclusive service only for the most demanding and daring couples who seek and value quality and the best suppliers capable of offering that distinguished touch that will make a wedding that is a recreation of your preferred culture.

The weddings that we create are 360 ​​experiences in which you experience in first person a recreation of an ancient era from the knowledge of history, mythology, customs, image, etc. That’s why in my company we always say that we do weddings from ancient times that recreate that mythical culture.

"The beginning of a magical wedding that will make history"

How can I help you organize your wedding inspired by an ancient era?



Exclusive service of integral organization of weddings from unforgettable ancient times with which you can reconstruct your favorite ancient culture and live the experience of traveling in it.


Wedding Planner Online

Exclusive Integral Wedding Organization Service for ancient times for couples who want to organize their wedding themselves.

Who is behind of
In the Old Days Weddings?

My name is Iris Juanpere and I am the creator, director and wedding planner of In The Old Days Weddings, the first wedding planner company specialized in the organization of weddings and events from the Roman, Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Viking, Mayan and Celtic era.

I want to help you have an exclusive immersive wedding and that exceeds your own expectations.

My mission is to help you live in first person the unique and unparalleled experience of reliving an era that you love or living a movie experience with the theme that you are passionate about.

The time has come to start the journey to a super exclusive experience that will be talked about for years.

Download now the free guide “7 steps to organize your exclusive immersive wedding that you will love and create a 360 experience”.


If you are here it is because you do not want a traditional wedding of those that you have seen over and over again, nor do you want a theme with four brush strokes. If you are here it is because you want your wedding to be the event of the millennium, right? You would like your friends and family to have such an incredible experience that they will always remember your wedding as one of the best experiences they have ever had.

At In The Old Days Weddings we will help you create that 360 experience that you have in your mind with fantastic ideas, inspired by the real history and customs of your favorite era, innovative ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent. Believe me… Your wedding will not go unnoticed and your friends will want to have a wedding like yours! (But between you and me…that will be impossible)

The time has come to start the journey to a unique experience

Ready for an epic adventure that will last for years?

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