What is In The Old Days Weddings

The epoque wedding of your dreams is now possible

I am here to help you make that ancient period wedding that you are so passionate about and that you dreamed of since you were a child a reality, whether it is Roman, Viking, Celtic, ancient Egyptian, Greek or Mayan. Dare to relive your favorite era, dare to design it and, above all, dare to live it.

Dreams have no limits, neither does your wedding. There is nothing impossible, you set the limits.

I want to help you create an immersive wedding of your favorite theme, an exclusive, unique and unmatched wedding that will be the envy of all attendees.

If you don’t know me yet…

I'm Iris Juanpere and I'm the person behind In The Old Days Weddings.

I am passionate about mythology and ancient cultures, animals, family parties, luxury and nature.

My passion is reflected in the philosophy and values ​​of In The Old Days Weddings.

I have been designing and living what my wedding will be like since I was 8 years old. From minute one I decided that I would merge my two favorite eras, the Greek and the Roman. In my head I know perfectly how I want it to be and how it will be, different, exclusive, but above all to live an experience that makes it authentic.

If there’s one thing I can assure you, it’s that none of my guests will have been to a wedding even remotely similar.

Why did I decide to become a wedding planner?

Since I was little I have loved events, all of them, especially weddings, because they exude love, romance, magic, happiness, and the best thing was that the whole family was together.

But I realized two things… The first, that they were all the same, different people, different dresses, but the same. The second, the number of unpleasant situations that could occur and that left the bride feeling bad, destroying a magical day in which all she had to do was enjoy herself.

So when I discovered that there was a wedding planner course in my city I thought it was my great opportunity to pursue my dream and help couples have a really different, elegant, special wedding and live an unforgettable experience.

Why did I decide to specialize in immersive weddings?

I began to study on my own at the age of 6 the mythology and history of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Vikings, the Celts and the Mayans.

You can’t get an idea of ​​the hours I spent reading encyclopedias, watching documentaries, reading books, watching movies, series, and later, searching the Internet… And the truth is that I still do it…, it’s my passion, my essence, in short, I love it. I have spent hours and hours visiting the Roman ruins of Tarragona, and my great wish is to be able to travel to Rome, the eternal city, to Greece, Egypt and Scandinavia to be able to visit all those places with a mythical history and full of magic.

When I was 17, my Latin teacher was “blown away.” He came into the class saying that only two people had approved, I was one of those two people and also the highest grade. But what really shocked her was when in the section where I had to talk about the history of the first triumvirate of Rome I wrote names, exact dates, precise facts, EVERYTHING.

She thought I had made it all up, so she searched and searched, books, library… and finally she was able to verify that everything I had given her in the exam was real.

If I know the history of ancient Rome as if I lived in that era, imagine what I can do for your wedding.

I want to help you live your favorite era and travel to the past through your wedding. Believe me, you and your guests will live a unique experience, it will not be a dull wedding, it will be much more, a cinematic recreation, a faithful reflection of that mythical era that you are so passionate about.

I am passionate about animals and I think they cannot be missing on such a special day.

I am very passionate about animals. Whenever I can I try to help animal shelters.

I have two dogs, Apolo and Kira, and they are like my children. The day I get married, they must be with me and share that magical day with me and my partner. I am of the opinion that on such a special day they cannot be missed, don’t you think? I’m sure that if you have dogs and they are like your children, you understand me perfectly and feel the same. But I also think that they cannot be neglected, that they need someone who knows how to treat them, take care of them and help them be part of this special family day. That is why I have trained in Dog Training and Psychology, to be able to help you and offer you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the members of the family, not only the wedding, but any event you want to hold.

Why trust In The Old Days Weddings?

We speak to you since experience

I love ancient times and therefore I have extensive knowledge not only of ceremonies, but also of mythology, rituals, customs, superstitions, clothing, makeup and hairstyles, both for women and men, so imagine everything I can do to help you to relive that time that you love so much. I will give your wedding an elegance and distinction worthy of kings and queens.

Our experience will help prevent setbacks or problems from stopping you from enjoying your big day. We anticipate possible problems that may arise by searching for a solution and offering it to you without you having to worry.

Tell me, what epoque do you want to travel to? ->

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