Immersive Weddings of Ancient Epoques

Do you dream of a wedding that is TOTALLY different from the rest of the world, truly unique, exclusive and unmatched?

Bodas de Épocas Antiguas

¿Sueñas con una boda que sea el fiel reflejo de tu época preferida, pero no sabes cómo organizarla de modo que no te quede como una fiesta de disfraces, cutre y sosa?

Integral organization of immersive weddings of ancient epoques

Discover how to organize an ancient wedding that is a faithful reflection of it, from the real knowledge of history, with its rituals, customs, mythology, living it and recreating it with a distinctive touch that will take you all back in time living a 360 experience.

  • You dream of having a wedding inspired by that era that you adore and you want it to be exclusive and unmatched and you don’t know where to find suppliers who will make your ideas come true.
  • You’re tired of not finding original ideas or inspiration for your vintage wedding on Google or Pinterest, and the ones you find are themed weddings that lack the touch of reality and recreation that you are looking for for yours to be authentic.
  • You want to surprise your guests with something truly distinguished, something they have never seen, you want them to feel like they have traveled with a snap to Ancient Rome, or the era that you love most.
  • You don’t know which suppliers to look for or which ones to choose for your wedding that will make your ideas and wishes come true.
  • And worst of all, you feel overwhelmed, collapsed, because you feel that no one understands you or the style of wedding you want, for that reason, sometimes, you think about giving up your immersive wedding and having the typical wedding that has all the world.

Don’t worry, I understand you perfectly, I want you to know that you are not alone, I am with you to help you make your ancient epoque wedding an immersion that will leave all your guests fascinated. An exclusive, elegant, distinguished wedding and an immersive experience never seen before in the world of weddings.

Therefore, to help you with your ancient epoque wedding, I have designed this exclusive service of Comprehensive Organization of Ancient Epoques Weddings to leave the fear behind and turn your wedding, whatever the theme, into reality and help you live it, feel it, experience a true 360 ​​experience that takes you and your guests on an authentic journey through time.

I know how we can turn that celebration into an experience that few get to experience, so that you and your guests feel who have traveled in time feel, live the unforgettable experience of having a wedding like they have never seen before.

If you let me help you:

  • You will be able to have that immersive wedding that you adore, your guests will fall in love with it and together you will all travel on a journey in time to live an immersive experience.
  • You will get truly original, innovative ideas, recreate their customs, their rituals, have a truly dazzling look so that you shine like true kings and queens that day.
  • You will get TOP suppliers who will give your wedding a realistic touch and make your dreams come true.
  • You will be able to optimize your time and enjoy the preparations, your partner, your friends, family, leisure, etc.
  • You will break with the clichés that a immersiva wedding is a bland or ridiculous and you will leave everyone speechless, living a unique and authentic experience.
  • And the best of all is that you will be accompanied by a team of experts in ancient times, with extensive knowledge that will allow us to help you make your wedding an original celebration, recreating the era you love, turning it into a faithful reflection, applying customs, rituals, adapted to our current era, with a distinguished touch, of reality and LIVE IT.

Now I want you to sit down for a moment, close your eyes, think about that era that you like so much, or those cultures that you are passionate about, now start to imagine what your wedding would be like if you lived in it, feel that journey. You are smiling because you love what you are seeing, a place where nothing matters, not what others say, not your fears… A magical and dreamy place just like you have been dreaming of since you were a child.

Did you like that mini trip to that mythical time?

Now….Imagine for a moment what it would be like to make that mini trip a reality, to design that ancient period wedding, recreating it as a faithful reflection, with a distinguished and realistic touch, from the true knowledge of history, with its rituals, its customs, some obviously adapted, taking that real trip, feeling that magical energy of your favorite era when recreating it, living a 360 experience that everyone will fall in love with and when you relive your wedding in your mind or looking at the photos and video, you will live that magical day again . Because yes my sweet bride, magic exists, and it is possible to have that vintage wedding that you dream of.


  • Instead of having the typical wedding, the one that you have seen so many times in your family and friends, who are always the same, you will be able to have a wedding from your favorite era, without falsehoods, without ridiculousness, without dullness, but rather an authentic recreation.
  • The organization is not a path of stress, fears, doubts, ignorance, but rather a path of fun, experiences, enjoyment, happiness and security that everything will be just as you imagine.
  • Having someone to help you come up with original ideas, implement rituals, create a romantic and emotional ceremony, relive that era through real knowledge of history to give it that touch of reality.
  • Make all your guests fall in love with it, so that when they see the piece of wedding that you have designed, they will be left speechless, live it and enjoy it immensely. Even your grandmother, your parents, all those guests who now think it’s crazy will see that no, it’s a magical wedding.
  • Shine with an outfit and a look that is straight out of a movie

Let me help you

My name is Iris, I am the CEO of In The Old Days Weddings, the first wedding planner specialized in Ancient epoques weddings in Spain.

Since I was little I have been passionate about the world of weddings and events. I started helping my parents in organizing my own communion and years later with my sister’s.

At the age of 6 I began to study on my own the mythology and history of ancient cultures, that of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Scandinavian, Celtic and Mayan. With extensive knowledge about them and Latin, ancient Greek, Scandinavian runes and Egyptian hieroglyphs. When I was 8 years old, my parents surprised they and I told them that I already knew how I wanted my wedding to be and that I was very clear that it would be a Greco-Roman wedding, but not a themed wedding with four strokes…it would be an authentic recreation of those. imperious eras, elegant, different, original, exclusive and with a touch of distinction. In a nutshell; “WEDDING”.

This is how In The Old Days Weddings was born, a company specialized in high-level weddings from ancient times, with the idea and commitment to turning the organization of your wedding into an exciting, fun and unforgettable experience to help you enjoy the entire process and Design your wedding so that it is a true 360 ​​experience for everyone.

If at 17 years old I made my Latin teacher have to look at all the history books of Ancient Rome to verify that everything I put on the exam was real, imagine everything I can do for your wedding, to make it a true real exclusive recreation.

I have also had to face all those fears and doubts that you have now.

  • I know how difficult it is to make the decision to design an old-fashioned wedding and the fear that your guests will not understand it.
  • The fear of not finding suppliers willing to make your dreams come true. Some suppliers, despite saying yes, are afraid or not prepared to face something new, to go outside of the classic or conventional, something that we always see at all weddings.
  • The uncertainty that surrounds you when people tell you: “Are you crazy?” for wanting a wedding different from the typical wedding seen ad nauseum. Ayyy my sweety bride, many people have looked at me strangely when I say that I want my wedding to be a true Greco-Roman recreation, but since I was 8 years old I have had it very clear, I adore those cultures, they are my passion, they are me…and I want to share my passion with my loved ones at my wedding and that they can live that passion with me for a day. Dreams should not be abandoned, the impossible is only that which is not attempted.
  • And I can confess to you that I have had to face those fears and doubts, finding colleagues who do not understand it, suppliers who have not understood my ideas, but nothing happens, far from giving up, I have always continued fighting until I found the best colleagues. fighters, to the most TOP and original suppliers who help me with the same passion as me to create weddings from ancient times that are authentic recreations, faithful reflections of different cultures, a true journey in time, a 360 experience that is never forgotten . Weddings cared for, with lots of detail and pampered as if they were my own.

As you see everything you are thinking, what you feel, what is happening to you, I have also experienced it. I understand you perfectly and I want to help you make your journey in organizing your vintage wedding a recreation, a faithful reflection, a journey through time, a true experience that must be lived.

That is why I have created this exclusive service for you, to help you leave behind your fears, your doubts, your worries, so that organizing your wedding is not a tedious job but an immersive experience.

So you can enjoy your social life, your family, your partner, the preparations and finally make all your guests fall in love with an old-fashioned wedding with a realistic touch and created through knowledge of history to create a experience that will be worth living, that MUST BE LIVED.

Thanks to my service Integral Organitzation From Weddings of Ancient Times you will get:

  1. Don’t let the organization of your wedding be a tedious job and turn it into an immersive experience, an exciting journey, creating an emotional ceremony and a magical period wedding.
  2. Implement rituals, customs, very original and innovative ideas, knowing how to distribute them so that they impact your wedding, turning it into a recreation with a touch of reality that will make it unique.
  3. Find the best suppliers who will offer you the best quality in their services, which will be ideal for achieving that dream immersive wedding.
  4. You will not be alone, the In The Old Days Weddings team will help you from the minute to implement dazzling ideas, achieve an authentic period wedding and enjoy every step on this wonderful path.
  5. You will have all the necessary knowledge to create a faithful reflection of the era that you are passionate about.
  6. You will know the formula to celebrate this type of special wedding.
  7. Get that old-fashioned wedding that you love so much if you get married in Tarragona, anywhere in Spain, even if you get married outside of Spain.
  8. You have to enjoy the preparations for a wedding like this, you have to live that wedding, you have to feel it, you have to enjoy that day. Your wedding day is unique and unrepeatable, my sweety bride, there are no second chances, you and your guests will only have to enjoy that experience and the magic that your wedding will give off. The In The Old Days Weddings team will make sure everything goes perfect that day.

This is what those who have already worked with me think about me.

Jesús del Cacho Estilles

How the Comprehensive Wedding Organization service from Ancient Times works:


First meeting

Here it’s about getting to know each other and seeing if we have a conexion. We are going to spend a year or more working together and for me it is very important that there is that good connection.


Do you join the experience?

After the meeting it is time to see if you are a couple In The Old Days Weddings. If you really want to live the experience, if you really feel that passion for reviving a mythical culture, we will welcome you at the beginning of a path full of adventures and fun that will lead to the creation of a unique and unforgettable ancient period wedding.


Schedule creation

Once the contract is signed, we will have a meeting in which we will lay the foundations and create your personalized calendar to keep everything under control and not miss anything.


Search of suppliers

We will make a list of the suppliers we will need for your wedding and we will begin to search for them and arrange the meeting with them. I will accompany you in meetings with them to ensure that you hire the best for your wedding, and no, I am not referring to the most expensive by saying the best, but to those willing to make your immersive wedding a reality.


Exclusive design

We will create an exclusive design for the decoration and your ideal look for your immersive wedding that will help give it the distinguished that will transport you all to that mythical era that you adore to live it intensely and enjoy it to the fullest.


An unforgettable experience

Every step you take in organizing your wedding will not be a heavy, stress-filled job. It will be an immersive, exciting experience, full of great fun and unforgettable moments. And if the preparations are exciting, imagine your wedding day.


We take care of everything

I and my team will be in charge of helping you, guiding you and advising you at all times. You will not be alone, we will take care of resolving any setbacks and problems. Don’t worry, you will be involved in the organization of your wedding at all times, you just won’t have to worry but on the contrary, YOU WILL ENJOY IT.


Review of the timing of day B

On the wedding day, nothing can go wrong and a immersive wedding that you want to be a recreation of your favorite era is very complex, there are many things to control, coordinate and supervise. For this reason, a month before the wedding we will meet to review your Wedding Book, we will see together step by step what the wedding day will be like and thus we will make sure that everything will be just as you want. We will carry out the Timing, we will review it with you and then we will deliver it to you and we will review it with the rest of the suppliers.


Enjoy your immersive wedding

On the wedding day your only mission will be to enjoy, feel and live that 360 experience. We will take care of everything else and make sure the magic is felt throughout the wedding.

The integral organization service for ancient weddingss includes:

  • 15 in-person & online meetings. Depending on the client’s needs.
  • Search, advice and coordination of suppliers. All suppliers.
  • Accompaniment to all meetings with suppliers and visits to spaces.
  • Checklists and wedding schedule.
  • Wedding Book.
  • Supervision and coordination of suppliers provided directly by the client.
  • Defining the era you want to relive at your wedding.
  • Planning plan B.
  • Planning and coordinating a wedding rehearsal.
  • Decoration design.
  • Supervision of the decoration assembly.
  • Real advice to find the right look for the chosen era. I will help you create a comprehensive design for your look according to the era you have chosen so that it is truly a faithful reflection of that era. (For boyfriend, girlfriend, guests).
  • Design of inspirational sketches (if necessary) of clothing, headdresses, hairstyles and makeup. (For boyfriend, girlfriend)
  • Unlimited contact by any means of communication between the hours of 11am-2pm and 4pm-9pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 12pm to 7pm.
  • Accommodation and transfer management for both guests and the couple.
  • Review of timing with the couple.
  • Meeting with all suppliers, delivery and review of the wedding day.
  • Comprehensive coordination (Includes from the ceremony to the wedding dance).
  • Team made up of two professional Wedding Planners. For weddings of more than 100 guests, one Wedding Planner will be added for every 50 guests. In cases of weddings with complicated logistics, it may be recommended to increase the staff.
  • Destination Wedding.
  • Weekend Weddings. (Three-day weddings).
  • We work nationally and internationally.

The integral organization service for ancient weddingss no includes:

  • Decorations or materials.
  • Services or products belonging to other companies.
  • Anything that is not specifically detailed in the previous section.

The first wedding planner to offer a Personal Shopper service specialized in ancient times.

Thanks to my training in ancient times and Personal Shopper I can give REAL advice to find the right look for the chosen era in terms of dresses, suits, fabrics, patterns, styles, makeup, headdresses, hairstyles, beauty treatments, etc.

I help you find the ideal and unique look according to the era you want for your wedding

The service of Integral Immersive Wedding Organization It is not for everybody.

It is exclusive for couples passionate about ancient history, those couples who really want to feel like they are in that culture that they are passionate about, who want to really live that era for a day and create an unforgettable immersive experience.

Couples who want to share that passion and that journey through time with their guests.

For those couples who want to live the experience from minute 1 and even enjoy a 360 experience throughout the organization. Something unique, something real, exclusive, something that will be legendary.

This service is for you if...

  • You are passionate about ancient history and at your wedding you do not want to miss the incredible opportunity to live your favorite era.
  • You value your time and want to enjoy your social life, your leisure, your partner, family, etc.
  • You want to enjoy the entire process of organizing your wedding and live a truly unforgettable experience.
  • You want your wedding to be a faithful reflection of your favorite era, like a Hollywood blockbuster that moves all your guests and you share with them your great passion for that mythical era, not a themed wedding that is just a few shabby touches and seems copied from Pinterest.
  • You want to be sure that a team of professionals will help, guide and accompany you in this incredible experience.
  • You want to enjoy your wedding day and live it as you have dreamed of thousands of times and let nothing and no one spoil it.
  • You don’t want to have the typical wedding that everyone has, where there is no surprise factor or where you already know what is coming at all times because it is the same as always.

This service isn't for you if...

  • You consider that hiring a Wedding Planner is an unnecessary expense instead of an investment for your well-being, peace of mind and security.
  • You don’t value your time or that of others.
  • You don’t care if your wedding is a copy of another one you’ve seen on Pinterest.
  • You settle for having the typical wedding, the one that people confuse and forget because they all end up being the same or very similar.
  • You believe that you alone can dedicate all the time, dedication and creativity that a wedding of these characteristics needs and face the problems that arise even if it causes you stress.
  • You settle for a themed wedding, one of those that are a copy of another found on the internet, without realism, without knowledge, without rituals or customs, without immersive experience, without time travel, without making your guests feel the magic of your favorite era nor do you feel that you have relived it.
  • You are not worried that on your wedding day everything goes well, neither your well-being nor that of your guests, you want to delegate everything to your guests, without caring if your friend, mother, cousin, that person to whom you have delegated it , can’t enjoy your special day with you, you leave it behind their backs with all the responsibility that entails.

Organizing a immersive wedding is not an easy task, it requires a lot of dedication, creativity and time, so to guarantee the quality and excellence of my comprehensive immersive wedding organization service I only work with a maximum of 19 couples a year. .

Do you want to be one of those couples and have a wedding from your favorite era that makes you live a real experience? You are just one click away from having your ideal immersive wedding. Click on the button below to book an appointment with me and together relive your dream time.

Frequent questions

How do I know that you are the wedding planner capable of making that immersive wedding that I want a reality?

I have dreamed of having that style of wedding. Since I was 6 years old, I have been studying the knowledge of Celtic, Viking, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Mayan cultures. I know perfectly the customs, rituals, mythology, clothing, hairstyles, makeup of those times.

I am the first and only wedding planner specialized in immersive weddings in Spain, which means I am the first to innovate with a groundbreaking, magical style and to create a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Do you only do coordination?

No. At In The Old Days Weddings we take great care and pamper every detail and every wedding, for us the quality and excellence of our services is very important and in a wedding of these characteristics it is essential that the suppliers are ideal to guarantee the quality and the experience you want to live with our style of wedding, not all suppliers are suitable for this, so it is very important that we have worked previously and know the suppliers who will participate in your wedding to guarantee its quality and exclusivity.

My hotel/estate/restaurant already has a wedding planner; because I need you?

Mainly because this “Wedding Planner” is not specialized in ancient times or immersive weddings, it will not look for suppliers, it will not hold meetings, it will not look for a solution to the problems that may arise during the organization of your wedding, etc.

This Wedding Coordinator works for the space, so that, in case any problem happens, she will always be on the side of the space, we, on the other hand, take care of everything and work together with them.

What is the price of the Comprehensive Immersive Wedding Organization service?

This service is personalized and so are our rates. Each wedding is different, no two weddings are the same, the needs of each couple are different, so first we will have a free meeting for a first contact to find out if you really are a couple In The Old Days Weddings.

Why should I hire you if I can organize my wedding alone?

Organizing a immersive wedding is more complicated and takes longer than a conventional wedding or a wedding with a simple theme, even more so if you want it to make you travel back in time, live the experience and feel like you are living in that era.

If you decide to trust me, I will help you enjoy your wedding from now on, so that the organization of your wedding will not be a stressful hard job, but rather you will live a 360 degree immersive, different, exciting and unforgettable experience, and after your wedding you will feel that Your best investment was to hire the Comprehensive Ancient Period Wedding Organization service to have an ancient period wedding with a touch of reality that will make it unique.

What sets In The Old Days Weddings apart from other Wedding Planner companies?

My main difference is that I am the first and only wedding planner specialized in organizing weddings from ancient times in Spain, specifically in the cultures of Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Viking, Mayan and Celtic.

We do not do just any wedding, nor simple themed weddings, we design high-level weddings inspired by ancient times based on real knowledge of history to give it a realistic touch, making them elegant, distinguished, exclusive and experiences that will last over time. I know that you are afraid, that is why I have created this new concept of weddings.


How far in advance should I reserve the Comprehensive Immersive Wedding Organization service?

To guarantee the quality of service, I recommend making a reservation at least 1 year in advance.

Do you work alone in Tarragona?

We work throughout Spain, too internationally

How will I control my immersive wedding from a distance if I get married in another city or country?

You won’t have to worry about anything because I will be the link between you, the wedding organization and the city you have chosen. Even if you are not physically there, you will have constant information about each stage and you will decide at all times what best suits your idea of ​​a dream wedding. The goal is for you to live the entire process with intensity, but without stress or stress, because I will be attentive to every detail at all times.

What if I want a wedding that is not from any ancient culture?

You tell me the theme you want, I will turn it into the best immersive experience your guests have ever seen.

If you want a traditional wedding, we don’t do them.

However, if you are very clear that you want us to add our magic to your wedding, we can talk.

Remember that to guarantee the quality and excellence of all weddings we only work with 19 couples a year.

If our company has the recognition of the most exclusive magazines and the top suppliers, you can rest assured that with us your immersive wedding will be in good hands.

Do you want to be one of those couples and have a wedding from your favorite era that makes you live a real experience? Click on the button below to book an appointment with me and together relive your dream time.

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